Thursday, May 1, 2008

Find Perfect Small Business Credit Card And Capture Rewards

Before you even consider applying for a card, there are useful features that should be included in the offer. Do you know what these features are? Whether the business is already set up or just getting started the term "Find perfect small business credit card" is still very popular with today's business managers. Unfortunately, not many business owners know what to look for when searching for the perfect card. Below, I will reveal what you should look for when considering a business credit card offer so that you can save money and receive extra rewards.Let us assume that you have received an offer via email, post or some other way. First, compare the card offer at hand with at least three others. As a business manager you would expect all or most of the following features and tools to be part of the offer:An important feature is additional cards for employees, specially if you have a business partner. Some loan companies provide additional cards at no extra cost. Ensure, that if you decide to make use of this feature, that you are allowed to set credit limits on your employees.You want flexibility and freedom from your credit card but you also want security. Ask your lender if they offer $0 liability for unauthorized purchases.Quarterly and annual account summaries broken out by employee and purchase category: This a priceless feature that can save you hundreds of dollars on accounting fees. If you carry out your own bookkeeping, imagine the amount of time you would save on allocating expenses to corresponding categories alone. Also, business owners need to keep track of employees' expenses. Account summaries take care of this tedious but important task for you.The Annual Percentage Rate (the effective interest rate) can make it easier when comparing offers. A o% APR on purchases and balance transfers,ideally for at least 12 months provides you with a set time to pay the balance outstanding at almost no cost to you. If you pay back on time, it can be a cheap source of short-term finance. Never again will you miss the opportunity to save money at a sale due to lack of finance.Prescription Discount Benefit Program This feature can be used to include cardholders and or their dependents.Manage your account online Ensure that you can manage payments, view statements, track activity, request a credit increase and add employees.Another key feature should be no annual fees. Why should you have to pay fees for using a business card, regardless of how much you spend on it?Take time to compare offers, read or watch videos on the topic. Before you apply for a small business credit card, ensure that all or most of the above benefits are included in the offer. And, if an entry in your diary reads "Find Perfect Small Business Credit Card" visit and start accummulating extra rewards.Article Source:

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